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2019 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® Vivid Black

Description :

Discover the thrill of the open road with our certified pre-owned 2019 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® Vivid Black. This remarkable motorcycle, with just 100 miles on the odometer, offers an unparalleled riding experience that combines style, power, and the assurance of a certified pre-owned Harley-Davidson.

**Key Highlights:**

1. **Certified Pre-Owned Confidence:** This Harley-Davidson Street Glide® has undergone a meticulous certification process, ensuring its quality, reliability, and performance meet the exacting standards of Harley-Davidson. You can ride with confidence, knowing you have a certified pre-owned gem.

2. **Iconic Vivid Black Finish:** This Street Glide® in Vivid Black is not just a motorcycle; it's a statement. The timeless black finish exudes sophistication and a bold presence on the road.

3. **Powerful and Responsive Engine:** The heart of this bike is a potent engine designed to deliver exhilarating power and torque. With quick acceleration and responsive performance, every ride is an adventure.

4. **Impeccable Condition:** With only 100 miles on the clock, this certified pre-owned Street Glide® is practically new, offering you the opportunity to enjoy a like-new ride without the price tag of a brand-new bike.

5. **Comfortable Touring:** This Street Glide® is designed for long-haul comfort, with a spacious seat and a range of features that ensure you can tackle both short city commutes and extended highway journeys in style.

6. **Modern Technology:** This motorcycle is equipped with advanced features that enhance your riding experience, showcasing Harley-Davidson's commitment to staying at the forefront of motorcycle technology.


The certified pre-owned 2019 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® Vivid Black with only 100 miles offers the perfect opportunity to own a like-new motorcycle at a fraction of the cost. Whether you're an experienced rider seeking a top-tier touring cruiser or a newcomer looking for a stylish, reliable ride, this motorcycle promises a memorable journey. Elevate your riding experience with the Street Glide®. Make it yours today!


Length: 96.5 in
Dry Weight: 796 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 6.0 gal
Engine: Milwaukee-Eight® 107
Displacement: 106.49 in3
Engine torque: 110.6 ft-lb
Front: 19" Enforcer Cast Aluminum / 130/60B19 61H
Rear: 16" Enforcer Cast Aluminum / BW 180/65B16 81H

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2019 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® Vivid Black

Grand American Touring
100 mi
Vivid Black
Jet City Harley-Davidson®
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